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Jewel House(Myanmar) Gem Identification & Origin Report (loose or mounted)

Jewel House(Myanmar) Gem Identification & Origin Report (loose or mounted)


Jewel House is an independent reputable gem testing and jewellery appraisal laboratory in Myanmar.

Min Lwin from Jewel House is one of the burmese foremost gemologist.

He is also a well-known author and published the following books that you can buy at the link HERE.

Jewel Houses has highly experienced gemologists in gem laboratories with G.G. GIA qualification.

They are experts in the origin determination and treatment detection of colored gemstones.

Additionally, Jewel House laboratory is also equipped with standard and advanced instruments. Jewel House certification is a report as per following picture, sometimes but not always accompanied by a photograph or diagram. It will have an assigned number and emblem of the testing facility.

They are also not involved in the sale of gemstones and do not profit from appraisal inflation. Their grading is objective, unbiased and concise, making their certificates reliable.

Our pricing includes lab fee, shipping,insurance,custom tax and etc..


Published books

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