We are originally from Myanmar (formerly known as burma).
Burma Jars is an online Gems and Stones Dealer,dedicated to smart and easy online shopping solutions.

Burma Jars is a proud member of the GIA Alumni Association and American Gem Trade Association.
Our business is registered and based in Singapore as a wholesale and retail supplier of natural gemstones and jewellery.
We have respective gem trading license in Myanmar too.

We love to offer you the greatest treasures of color gemstones directly from Myanmar (Burma).
At Burma Jars, we guarantee that every single purchase will be a seamless process from start to finish.
You can choose from commercial stones to high end grade rubies,sapphires,jadeite jades and spinels at reasonable and affordable prices.
In many cases a gemstone, especially a higher end stone, will come with a gemological certificate included.
A gemological certificate not only provides peace of mind, but also it can be useful for insurance purposes and future resale.
In other cases, we can arrange certification for a gem, usually at a nominal cost. Even without report, the untreated conditions of all the gemstones are guaranteed.

We guarantee 100% authenticity of all products sold at our online shop.
Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions or concerns.

Visit Us www.burmajars.com.

Purchase with confidence and "Wear Rare Precious!"

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