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Gems Certification

We, Burma Jars guarantee that every single purchase will be a seamless process from the beginning till the end.
We develop and maintain the highest possible ethical standards in our business transactions.
Therefore we describe in detail all necessary disclosure information including size, weight, TREATMENT and ORIGIN in the description.
Customer satisfaction and reputation is our first priority and we only deal with genuine gemstones.

The gemstone certification report is prepared by a gemological testing laboratory and represents the conclusions of one or more trained gemologists who identify and describe the gemstone under controlled conditions with combination of scientific analysis and expert evaluation.
As independent labs, they are also not involved in the sale of gemstones and do not profit from appraisal inflation.
Their grading is objective, unbiased and concise, making their certificates reliable.
A gemological certificate provides not only peace of mind, but also advantages for insurance purposes and future resale.

In many cases, all of jewelry will include gemological certificate. For gemstone, especially over SGD2,000, will include gemological certificate.
​All our stones are verbally checked in two different independent gem laboratories to make sure of their authenticity.
We do not attach individual third party certificate for each stone since some come in parcels and we are sorting them in Singapore.
For those cases, we can arrange an optional certification from an independent lab we listed by your choice, usually at an additional cost.

We are located in Singapore.
The certification fee from the lab that is located in other country will include shipping,insurance,custom tax and etc..
The certificate would be sent to the buyer along with the acquired gemstone.
Some buyers would like to make sure that they get a truly independent appraisal and right result of authenticity by themself since there is a chance to modify and enhance after obtaining the certificate to make it more desirable while the size and weight still remain the same as indicated on the certificate.

Thus they choose their favorite laboratory which is not the one that the dealer recommends through their own arrangement.
We strongly encourage and advise in this regard since it is the most secure practice for a gemstone buyer.

If there is a discrepancy on authenticity, we will issue a full refund and cost for certification.
We guarantee 100% authenticity of all products sold at our online shop.
Even without report, the untreated conditions of all the gemstones are guaranteed.
Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions or concerns.

*This supplementary service is exclusively available for our collection of gems and jewelry.

We refrain from engaging with external stocks due to associated risks and responsibilities.

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