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Valuable moonstones

Valuable colorless, transparent moonstones with strong blue sheen

Generally, the more transparent and colorless the body and more blue the adularescence, the higher the moonstone value. Cabochons of translucent material, either white or with pleasing body color and adularescence, are fairly common on the market and command relatively modest prices. Large quantities of near-opaque material with various body colors, carved into simple “moon faces” and other figures, are inexpensive and readily available. On rare occasions, some transparent stones are faceted. Historically, the most valuable colorless, transparent moonstones with strong blue sheen came from Myanmar. Unfortunately, this material is essentially mined out. Most of the top-grade, blue sheen gems available today are being passed from one dealer or collector to another, which escalates the prices. More ===>

===== Moonstone quality factors

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